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A busker in Berlin performing 80s hit Smalltown Boy had a career highlight when the song's original singer Jimmy Somerville walked past with his dog and joined in for the final chorus.

It wasn't until the impromptu duet was over that the street musician realised he'd been performing with the former Bronski Beat frontman: "Is it you?" he asked.

Somerville's dog appeared largely unfussed by the chance encounter.

Smalltown Boy reached number 3 in the UK in 1984.

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New Community


This is a new friendly group dedicated to songs that we as members love and would like others to listen to! It's a great chance to hear new songs and artists and broaden our minds to other people's music!

We will have regular postings of songs chosen by members, voting out of ten and comments! Each month there will be a "friendly competition"  between members who wish to take part! (1 song per person per round) and in the future we may have "themes".

So....please sign up to join the community as I for one would love to hear what sort of music you like to
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I've always liked all sorts of music!

Bardo - One Step Further, Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling & John Cougar - Jack and Diane.

Three of my favourite songs from 1982! I had a tape that I recorded from the radio 'top 40 chart show' and these three songs were in a row in the chart countdown. They always remind me of each other!

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Another Tommy Shaw art:

sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness.
I’m a lonely soldier off to war
sent away to die, never quite knowing why.
sometimes it makes no sense at all.


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